Hello, and Welcome to the Land of Sylae, the beautiful country of the Northern Seas. We’ll be using Pathfinder as our system of choice. In order to make your character, use this link and follow the instructions. We will be using a 32 point buy system using this calculator (because it has a base of eight, not 10).

Starting funds will also be handled a little differently. Because everyone is starting in a military troop, you will begin with:
backpack 2lb
bedroll 5lb
3 candles
flint and steel
clay mug 1lb
2 sheets Parchment
1 ox ink in vial
pot, iron 1lb
2 days trail rations 1lb each
shaving kit 1/2lb
signal whistle
torch 1lb
waterskin 4lb

Weights may need to be adjusted for small characters.

In addition to this, you also begin play with 50 gold pieces, or gp, for weapons, armor, or whatever else you deem necessary. Items can be found here.

If you have any questions you can contact me via email/AIM

The Land of Sylae

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